Poco Legnosobambola
Background information
Appearances in VillainhuntersVillainhunters
Villainhunters Around the World
Villainhunters: The Video Game
Original AppearanceWoody Poco
Voiced byTara Strong
Character information
SpeciesWooden Doll
Quote(s)"Hi, my name is Poco! I'm wooden doll that is a hero of all humans in Poocallep!"

Poco Legnosobambola (ぽこ) is the main protagonist of Woody Poco and one of the Villainhunters team members in the Villainhunters franchise. He is a wooden doll who is the hero of all humans in Poocallep. He has a unnamed sister that is also one of the Villainhunters members.



  • He is mistaken known as Poko in the Famicom version due to the translation error.
  • Poco's surname Legnosobambola, revealed in the Villainhunters series, means "wooden doll" in Italian.

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